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KAPA exists to promote a progressive agenda of civil rights, immigrant rights, and economic justice through political action and education.

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Please join and get a Bernie Sanders Vaccine for the spirits of the US Constitution:) I will meet you all there!

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Korean Americans for Bernie in LA! Check out this great kick-off event by our friends on the West Coast.

(Contains speeches in both Korean and English, by 1st-generation, 1.5-generation, and 2nd-generation KAs.)
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A post-#NYPrimary message for our members and supporters:

Thank you to our members who participated in our presidential primary endorsement vote – and a big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us on the primary campaign trail for Bernie.

While our candidate didn't win New York, we can take pride in our accomplishments over the past few weeks.

To start: We can take pride in having endorsed Bernie Sanders, whose progressive, grassroots candidacy reflects well our own mission. By supporting Bernie 2016, we have joined a campaign that has succeeded in re-directing the Democratic Party's attention to many of the central economic and political problems of our time.

Moreover, and more importantly: We can take pride in having delivered Bernie's message of economic justice directly to our neighbors. In just a few weeks, we engaged thousands of fellow New Yorkers – including thousands of fellow Korean American voters. We knocked on hundreds of doors in Queens, called hundreds more throughout the city, and reached thousands of Korean-speaking voters through earned media coverage in print, on the radio, and on TV.

Last, but not least: We can take pleasure in all of the new friendships we've made and the lessons we've learned in the process. As we know, this election is not ultimately about one person; it's about all of us and what we as a nation are about. Hopefully the NY Primary race has helped us grow, both as individual citizens and as a community.

While it seems that Bernie's chances of winning the Democratic nomination are now slim, we will continue to campaign for Bernie and his progressive platform until the last primary election poll closes on June 14. With 36% of the pledged Democratic delegates yet to be won, there is still ample opportunity for us to get out Bernie's message, and get out the vote.

Stay tuned for opportunities to phone-bank voters in New Jersey and California, write op-eds, and more!

Bright and the KAPA Board
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